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User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services May 22 at 10:11 AM to Everyone
New Flat Rate Plus Online® Enhancements to Report It has been a while since I reported anything new. However, we have been hard at work, busy improving things for all of you. Much of the latest work involves the “backend” of the system but the benefits will be clearer soon. For now, I want to announce these new great features. I want to thank all our paid app users. The dollars you give us allow Aptora’s staff to maintain the entire flat rate app and add great features like these. This work is based directly on user feedback and suggestions. Technician Compensation Report This new feature allows a company’s payroll processor to see what tasks, items, and service agreements have been sold. You can filter by date range and technician (FRPO user). Service Agreement Items We added a checkbox to the items labeled “This is Used for a Service Agreement”. When checked, FRPO knows that the item being sold is a service Agreement. This is how the Technician Compensation Report can report these sales. Shopping Cart Quick Item Lookup This gives you the ability to quickly search for and add an item to the Shopping Cart. The button is at the top right and is labeled “Item Lookup”. There are two tabs; one for items and the other for tasks. Vendor Selection on Inventory Reorder You may now select or filter by Vendor. This option looks at the Preferred Vendor field on the items. This allows you to easily generate a report and send it to your favorite vendor. New Inventory Reorder Report This feature now allows you to generate a report that can be printed or emailed. There is an email button at the top of the screen. It works like the email system in the shopping cart. You may also generate a PDF and download the report. Miscellaneous We have made UI updates such as making buttons more aligned and sizes of other boxes larger or more fitting to their containers. There has also been various bug fixes and we are experimenting with the grids to make searching and loading faster. Did you know? The Inventory Reorder feature was designed to offer a company the ability to quickly see what parts were sold and by which technicians (FRPO users). This report makes truck stock replenishment and reordering fast and easy. The Technician Compensation Report displays all items and tasks software by each technician. The report might be used to pay your technicians spiffs, incentives, or other bonuses based on sales activity. Note: This information does not sync with QuickBooks®. Their payroll does not offer this ability.
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User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services April 18 at 11:16 AM to Everyone
New Enhancements to Report Ability to Customize the Subtotal Description You may now change the description on a Subtotal in your shopping cart. You may wish to subtotal a list of tasks and name that list "Required Repairs" or "Highly Recommended Repairs". This capability was added to allow Flat Rate Plus Online (FRPO) to follow my recommended way of presenting most repair and service solutions.

User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services March 28 at 9:35 AM to Everyone
New Enhancements to Report We add the following professionally written copy. Under Company Terms and Conditions: 1. Terms and Conditions for HVAC Installations (very extensive) 2. Signature Text - Installations Under Invoice Descriptions 1. Notes - HVAC Installation Notes 2. Notes - HVAC System Includes

User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services March 21 at 8:40 AM to Everyone
NEW FEATURE - Mobile Screen Optimization We have been reworking the various screens most often used by technicians, so that they display properly on smaller screens. While we do not recommend using a phone sized screen, we are working towards making all technician related screens display properly on screens as small as 6". We recommend a tablet with a screen size of 9".

User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services March 14 at 1:48 PM to Everyone
NEW FEATURE - SIGNATURES Great news everyone. We added a signature box to the checkout process. The signature, which is not required, also appears on the PDF invoice. It is free for all users.

User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services March 8 at 4:11 PM to Everyone
We added a new Invoice Description. Here it is, in case you wish to add it to your own collection. Safety Concerns: Red Tagged WARNING. SERIOUS SAFETY RISK TO OCCUPANTS. Your gas appliance has been Red Tagged and rendered inoperable due to critical safety concerns that pose a potential threat to life. What This Means: A Red Tag indicates a life-threatening safety issue detected by our technician for your protection. Your appliance has been disabled to prevent operation. Recommendation: Do Not Operate: We strongly advise against using this appliance until the safety issues are addressed. Please have the following issues resolved before attempting to operate the appliance: [List safety concerns]. Undoing Technician Steps: At your own risk, you may attempt to reverse the technician's actions to disable the appliance. Disabled By: Technician Name/ID: [Provide details]. For Assistance: Contact [Company Name] at [Contact Information] for immediate assistance and to schedule repairs.

User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services March 7 at 11:23 AM to Everyone
NEW FEATURES AND IMPROVEMENTS New Vendor Contact Fields. We added the same contact fields to the vendor record as you will see in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Sync with Vendors: We now synch Vendors in the same way we synch Customers. We made numerous user interface (UI) improvements in the shopping cart and invoice. These were small tweaks that you may have noticed. Shopping Cart Item Count: We no longer count Subtotals when displaying how many items are in the shopping cart.

User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services March 6 at 12:28 PM to Everyone
NEW FEATURES - Orders Page We now show Total Amount and the Balance on the orders list.

User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services March 3 at 11:03 AM to Everyone
New Features in the Flat Rate Plus App These two features are to make deleting unwanted tasks easier and faster. 1: When viewing the details of a task, you may now click Menu > Delete Task. The menu is located at the top right of the task. 2: When viewing tasks in the task list, you may now delete multiple tasks. To do this, tick the existing checkbox (on the left of each task) of as many tasks as you wish. Select "Delete" from the Bulk Actions menu and click Submit Action. Be careful. You cannot get them back. Use the Inactivate option when you are not 100% sure.

User Image James Leichter - Pro-American Services February 17 at 3:29 PM to Everyone
NEW FEATURE ADDED. We added the ability for you to add a subtotal to your shopping cart. What can you do with that? That allows you to group up your related tasks. You can offer "Required" repairs and "Highly Recommended" repairs.