Import Item Images

Importing Task and Item Images
You can import images for items and tasks. The import system will match the image with a task item or task. Tasks can have multiple images. One task image must be marked as Primary and this can also be done through the import.

You will usually find an import button on the lower righthand side of the respective list. Import options can also be accessed by going to Main Menu > Tools & Utilities > Data Exchange >.

Naming the Files
The name of the image controls what items and tasks the image is associated with. Here are the item and task image formats:

[item or task number]anything.png
Example: [010-1409]image21.png

For tasks, it is the same: [task number]anything.png
Example: [ReplaceMotor123]HT5251.jpg

For the primary image, "p" is prefixed. p[task number]anything.jpg
Example: p[010-1409]image21.jpg

Using UPC Numbers
The Item Image Import may also use UPC numbers instead of the Item Number. The item will need the UPC number added to the Manufacturer’s UPC field. The UPC will be used to match the item with the imported image.

Example: [9982566129653]HT5251.jpg

File Types Supported
The file name extension can be several different types. We recommend jpg. You may also use png if necessary. Keep the file size under approximately 100kb.

Use Zip Files
All image files need to be uploaded using a “.zip” file. Do not include folders inside the zip file.