"Why would anyone want to create another social networking site?"

We have created a business only social networking site where progressive contractors can go to engage in serious service contracting business discussions.

We created a social networking site where the contracting industry can ask serious questions and get only serious answers.

The First Social Media Network made just for Service Companies and Contractors!
Online SaaS Flat Rate Pricing for Service Contractors!
Flat Rate Software is a great website for building your own flat rate pricing books for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service and installation work. In fact, any industry can sign up and take advantage of our easy to use online flat rate pricing book builder. You can be confident that our online flat rate pricing system is excellent because it was built by the same people that created Flat Rate PlusĀ® - one of the most popular flat rate software programs ever produced for the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries.
Our online flat rate pricing system is 100% free for contractors to use. We also offer ready-made flat rate pricing books for service and repair for a nominal fee. Once you purchase our flat rate book, you can modify it and maintain it yourselft.
Your flat rate books can be accessed from any online device. Our unique "Presentation Mode" allows users to log into a customer friendly section that removes all the distractions that are not completely related to the flat rate presentation.
Want to know more about flat rate pricing? Read our article "Common Flat Rate Pricing Mistakes". We will help you avoid the most common flat rate pricing implementation mistakes that we have encountered in our consulting practice.