Flat Rate Pricing Software Creates Price Books for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Work

Does your HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical, or field service contracting business use flat rate pricing? Have you considered flat rate pricing for service calls, repairs, tune-ups, and planned maintenance? Would you like to use a free flat rate pricing system? You have come to the right place.

You can create a free flat rate pricing book for HVAC, plumbing, or electrical repairs and installations on this website. Our free flat rate price books were built by James R. Leichter, known by many as Mr. HVAC. James has been building and selling flat rate pricing software and price books since 1995. Consider reading his article Common Flat Rate Pricing Mistakes.

Create free flat rate price books in minutes or purchase ready-made flat rate price books for your service department. Increase profits, reduce costs, and improve your customer experience. We offer the service industry’s leading Flat Rate Pricing Software solution. It is designed for HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical businesses. We cover residential and commercial work. See screen shots and more information on James' website.

Flat Rate Pricing Software Features At-A-Glance

  • Build Multiple Flat Rate Price Books
  • Designate Global Markups and Multipliers on Parts
  • Easy Flat Rate Price Book Creation Wizard
  • Mobile Presentation
  • Create Global Rates Rates
  • Fast Flat Rate Price Lookup Page
  • Good Better Best Pricing
  • Add and Edit Tasks & Parts
  • Includes Powerful Labor Rate Calculator
  • Print Custom Price Books as PDF
  • Import or Export Entire Flat Rate Price Books
  • Add Company Logo, and Graphics
  • Present Flat Rate Pricing on Mobile Screen
  • Import and Export Flat Rate Data
  • Add Task and Item Images
  • Automatically Calculates Sales Tax
  • Import or Export Parts, Images, and Categories
  • Global Editors to Quickly Update Information
  • Daily Item Usage Reporting
  • Use Included or Create Custom Part Numbers
  • Custom Labor Editor for Mass Updates
  • Easily Update Your Cost on Items and Retail Pricing
  • Best Task Descriptions in the Flat Rate Pricing Industry
  • Virtually Every Aspect of the Price Book Can Be Customized
  • Free Credit Card Processing Through Celero
  • Use Your PayPal Account for to Receive Payments and Invoicing
  • Includes the Classic Flat Rate Price Book template from Flat Rate Plus®

Professionally Built Flat Rate Price Books

Three professionally built flat rate pricing databases that are ready to use.

HVAC & Refrigeration Flat Rate Price Book

Plumbing Flat Rate Price Book

Electrical Flat Rate Price Book

The HVAC and Refrigeration Flat Rate Software database creates price books for residential and commercial field service contractors up to about 25 tons. There are several thousand tasks and several thousand common repair items that you can also use to build your own flat rate tasks, equipment installations, and flat rate price books.


The Plumbing Flat Rate Software database includes everything you need for residential and commercial price books. Plumbing repair and plumbing remodeling is included in the plumbing price book. We also added thousands of extra items that you can use to build out custom flat rate repairs and Price Books.



The Electrical Flat Rate Software database includes diagnostics and repairs for key electrical services. Electrical repairs, electrical system addons, and many other electrical services. Make your own price book. We have included thousands of extra items that you can use to build out your own customized tasks and services.



HVAC/R Flat Rate Task CategoriesPlumbing Flat Rate Task CategoriesElectrical Flat Rate Task Categories

Boiler | Steam & Water Boiler Repairs
Capacitors & Start Gear
Cleaning & Treatment (components)
Combustion | Burner & Pilot
Combustion | Draft Inducer Motors & Parts
Combustion | Electronic Gas Valves
Combustion | Fan & Limit Controls
Combustion | Heat Exchanger, Flue, & Venting
Condensate Repairs (no cleaning)
Controls | Boards & Solid-State Controls
Electrical | Breakers & Fuses
Electrical | Contactors, Relays, & Transformers
Electrical | Wiring & Miscellaneous
Equipment Install | A/C & Heat Pumps
Equipment Install | Air Duct Systems
Equipment Install | Air Handlers & Heat Strips
Equipment Install | Boilers & Radiators
Equipment Install | Chillers & Colling Towers
Equipment Install | Evaporator Coils
Equipment Install | Furnaces (gas)
Equipment Install | Furnaces (oil)
Equipment Install | Heat Recovery Systems
Equipment Install | Mini Split Systems (ductless)
Equipment Install | Package Units
Equipment Install | Resistance Heat
Equipment Install | Roof-Top HVAC Units (RTUs)
Equipment Install | Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF)
Fan & Blower | Belts & Components
Fan & Blower | Blower Wheels & Blades
Fan & Blower | Motors & Hardware
Heating (oil) | Oil Electrical Controls
Heating (oil) | Oil General Repairs
Heating (oil) | Oil Lines & Tanks
Heating (oil) | Oil Pilot, Burner, & Combustion
Heating (oil) | Oil Smoke Pipe
IAQ Install | Air Filters, UV, Humidification
IAQ Install | Dehumidifiers
IAQ Install | Duct Mount Air Cleaners
IAQ Install | Electronic Air Cleaners
IAQ Install | Humidifiers
IAQ Install | Media Air Cleaners
IAQ Install | UV Systems & Parts
IAQ Install | Zoning Systems
Maintenance | Cleaning, Testing, & Other
Maintenance | Tune-Ups, Cleaning, & Adjusting
Refrigeration | Charging, Leak Search, & Repair
Refrigeration | Compressor Replacement
Refrigeration | Driers, Flow Control, & Other
Refrigeration | Heat-Pump Specific Repairs 
Refrigeration | Ice Machine Repairs
Refrigeration | Recovery & Evacuation
Testing | Testing, Inspections, Balancing, & Estimating
Thermostats & Sensors

Appliance Hookup (gas & electric)
Bath | Water Pipe Repairs & Installation
Bathroom | Lavatory Faucet Repair
Bathroom | Lavatory Sink Installation
Bathroom | Lavatory Tubular & Supply
Bathroom | Lavatory/Bar Sink & Faucet Replacement
Bathroom | Sink & Shower Drain & Tubular Repair
Bathroom | Toilet Repair
Bathroom | Toilet, Bidet Seats, & Washlet Installation
Bathroom | Tub & Shower Valve Repairs & Replacement
Bathroom | Urinal Repairs
Drain Cleaning | Drain Pipe & Soil Pipe Cleaning
Faucets | Outdoor Spigot, Bibs, & Faucets
Fees | Service/Trip Charges & Diagnostic Fees
Installation | Urinal Installation
Installation | Water Heater Replacement
Installation | Water Treatment System (new installation)
Installation | Water Well Systems & Accessories (new install)
Kitchen & Laundry | Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement
Kitchen & Laundry | Kitchen, Bar, Laundry Sink Faucet Repair
Kitchen & Laundry | Kitchen, Bar, Laundry Sink Installation
Kitchen & Laundry | Kitchen, Bar, Laundry Sink Tubular & Supply
Piping | Backflow Prevention (repair & testing)
Piping | Waste System Re-Piping & Replacement
Septic | Septic System Repairs & Tank Replacement
Service Agreements | Service Agreements & Protection Plans
Sump and Sewage | Sewer/Waste Pump Installation & Repair
Waste | Drain Pipe Repairs & Installation
Water Heaters | Water Heater Repair (electric)
Water Heaters | Water Heater Repair (gas)
Water Treatment | Water Treatment System (repair)
Water Well | Water Well Pumps & Related (repair existing)



Appliance Hookup (gas & electric)
Audio Visual | Home Theatre & Automation
Breaker & Fuse Replacement (comprehensive)
Cable Installation & U/G Trenching
Cable Locating Service
Circuit Dedicated
Circuit Extensions
Circuit Restoration
Dimmer, Switch, & Receptacle Installations
Equipment Install | Energy Storage
Fees | Service/Trip Charges & Diagnostic Fees
Hot Tube & Pool | Hot Tub Repair
Installation | Installation Options - All Brands
Lighting | Ballast Replacement
Lighting | Bulb Replacements
Lighting | Ceiling Fan/Light Installation & Repair
Lighting | Indoor Surface Mount Fixtures
Lighting | Landscape Fixture Accessories
Lighting | Landscape Fixture Transformers/Ballasts
Lighting | Landscape Fixtures High Voltage
Lighting | Landscape Fixtures Low Voltage
Lighting | Lighting Parts
Lighting | Low Voltage Wiring
Lighting | Outdoor Fixtures- Floods/Sensors
Lighting | Photo-Cell Repair & Installations
Lighting | Recess Light Fixtures
Lighting | Recess Trim Lights
Lighting | Specialty Lighting
Lighting | Track Lights
Power Distribution | Load Center Replacements & Addon
Power Distribution | Service Upgrades, Replacements, & Hookups
Power Distribution | Surge Protection
Power Distribution | Transformer Installations
Power Generation | Backup Generators
Power Generation | Solar Panels & System Repairs
Power Generation | Solar Panels & Systems
Price Builder | Build-Your-Own Pricing & Miscellaneous Tasks
Safety | Exit & Emergency Lighting
Safety | Fire & Life Safety Devices
Service Agreements | Service Agreements & Protection Plans
Switching | Disconnects (install or replace)
Switching | Time Clock Installations
Ventilation | Exhaust Fan & Fan/Light Combo Installs
Water Heaters | Water Heater Repair (electric)


Crowd Sourced Flat Rate Price Books

FlatRateSoftware.com also includes a great set of social networking features, sort of like Facebook®. That part of the flat rate website is totally optional.

  • Increase Productivity with our Facebook® Like Features
  • Setup Your Employees and Control Their Access
  • Ask other HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Contracting Professionals for Advice
  • Send and Receive Friend Invites
  • Share Flat Rate Pricing resources with Other Contractors
  • Create Discussion Groups and Private Groups
  • Share Flat Rate Price Books and Data With Friends
  • Upload and Share Documents with Coworkers
  • Public and Private Discussion Boards and Chat
  • Free Heat Gain Heat Loss Calculator
  • Free Service Labor Rate Calculator
  • Free Installation Labor Rate Calculator

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